Drowned By Blood

by Sentenced UK

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releases November 13, 2017

mixed and mastered by owen davies



all rights reserved


sentenced Birmingham, UK

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Track Name: Hellbound (Ft Jason Evans)
Bleeding tantrums from within
satan pays me for my sins
Punishing thoughts in my soul another soul the demon holds
Menacing winds and sudden pain
Another skull for him to gain
Many years in hell spent
Too late repent

I can see the demon
I can see death in your eyes
I can see the evil
I can see the hounds in the skies
I can see the anger
I can see the power you bare
I can see the smoke
From many deaths in the air

The burden of murder
A cold feeling from the depths
The perishing thoughts
As you take your last breath

King of the savages, conquer and ravage them,
slaves to the grave and the coffins that they're carried in.
Destined for greatness,
cast in the snake pit, but none slither more than the ones I break bread with.
Behead them, off their top at the jaw with the saw,
crowned in gore, a throne of war served by dead men.
And they deceive us these bottom feeders that can't lead us,
They still need us they try to bleed us they can't impede us.

skin is receeding
its tearing and bleeding
my eyes are streaming
while you are pleading
death has no meaning
now your not breathing

Separated from my flesh my will is everlasting,
If I had a soul to sell I'd sell it with no question.
No need for a conscience there is nothing to regret,
I could murder this entire planet, next day I'd forget.
Track Name: Putrefaction (Ft Alex Taylor)
i see the tears of the darkend sun
now i know the true war has begun
ive seen the terror this world will bring
Decapitate the angels, death it will bring
Ive seen the tyrant this world will bring
decimate the angels, now they dont sing

ive seen the vision of the end
ive seen the world start to desend
ive seen the people turn to dust
no more choices, violence is a must

slice of the blade cut the throat
throw the body in the blood stained moat
i am the grave maker i am grim
tear the body, limb from fucking limb

limb from limb i will crush
stand aside watch the blood rush
consume the timid, fuck the weak
body from head, you wont speak

ive smelt the breath from the devils tongue
a message from hell has been sprung
life was never right, it is wrong
the burning smell of flesh from hell i long
Track Name: Infinite Pain
I am the song of infinite pain
I am the life lost and death gained
I am the crazed mind I'm insane
I am the twisted knife through your

Twisted attacks swirling with angst
Slice an artery without a glance
Tearing into flesh with half a chance
A poised killer in a murderous trance

Butchering lives in front of your eyes
Turning frowns into painful cries
Seeing clean flesh is what i despise
Kill them quick feed them to the flies

Sealing fate, sorrows to late
Ill serve your head on a fucking plate
Escaping death, when theres nothing left
Regret the promises you should have kept
Track Name: Led To Sin
Built up on broken memories
Broken down on life itself
Cast out from a horrid past
These are the cards that life has dealt

A hard path with no shortcuts
I have to face this all alone
Scared of becoming a fucking zero
Scared of becoming out grown

Fear is the worst feeling of all
Encased a thoughtless cave
Locked away inside a lonely cell
Never to be fucking saved

I have been led to sin
I know i will never win
I have been led to sin
Never has my life felt so dim

I am a sinner not a saint
I am a sinner not a saint
I am a sinner not a saint
I am a sinner not a saint
Track Name: Bloodstained Butchery
carve my name into your skin
brought out the light and led to sin
carve my name into the sky
Ill be here and watch you die

several stabs working with the blade
the blood cascades
several wounds dealt from the blade
consumed by pain

i dont seek the truth of this life
i force the end
i dont want the truth of this life
i hope this ends

Track Name: Drowned By Blood
fragments of fractured flesh
entangled in metal mesh
for years my mind has seethed
skin severed with my teeth

smash the skull
innocent has been culled
nothingness comes from the dull
last dying thought has been nulled

in this state
power has been formed from hate
flowing through his veins
feeding from his victims pains

Clutched in a horrid fate
Murderous methods that hold weight
Screams of pain brought to the flood
Head held down and drowned by blood